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Child Maintenance Service (CMS) and Child Support Agency (CSA) Legal Advice Voucher

Our 25 years of experience giving Child Maintenance Legal Advice is available to you for a minimal cost. During the advice appointment, which will be with a qualified lawyer, the specifics of your problem are identified and advice is given. Consultations are strictly confidential but please note this is not a free service. Legal Aid is not available for child maintenance cases. 

Call 01207 693966 and a member of our enquiry team will be able to determine if the problem you are experiencing is something we can assist you with. If it is, we will arrange a full telephone advice appointment with a qualified child support lawyer. Please note there is a fee of £35.00 for this appointment.


Please contact us on : 01207 693966 to arrange your consultation.

Out of Working Hours

Please follow the link to purchase your own advice voucher then text your Legal Advice Voucher transaction ID to 07805 030 222 and a member of the duty team will contact you ASAP.

Refund Policy

After purchasing a Legal Advice Voucher, you have the right to cancel within seven days, provided you do not actually seek legal advice before doing so. To cancel your Legal Advice Voucher purchase, simply contact us with your name, billing address and transaction ID and the price of the voucher will be refunded.

Our Guarantee

If you purchase an advice voucher and we can't answer your child maintenance question, we will refund your voucher fee in full, no questions asked.


Child Maintenance Service Advice

CSA Testimonials

Without doubt I have the most awkward ex partner any man could ever have, you name it I have been accused of doing it. I meet a new partner and things went from bad to worse with my ex taking me to 3 different appeals.

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Why DLS?

We are confident not only about the advice we offer but the standard of that advice. Durham Legal Services has represented people with child support problems for the last twenty years. We know we can help you if you have a real CSA problem.

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Make a call today

Our years of experience in child support legislation are available to you. Read More Book your call with a member of our legal team and we can explain what your options are and give you practical help and information. All consultations are strictly confidential.

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