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Exceptional Representation from the UK's Leading Experts In Child Maintenance Law

We are Durham Legal Services, the UK's legal experts in Child Maintenance Service Legislation. We offer expert advice and representation in all areas of Child Maintenance and the legislation which governs it.  For over 25 years, we have represented both paying and receiving parents all over the UK helping them resolve their child maintenance problems either directly with the CMS, the First-tier Tribunal or the Upper Tribunal. Our approach to Child Maintenance is straightforward; we aim to achieve a fair and correct child maintenance assessment for every parent we represent.

Our advice is qualified legal advice based upon years of experience dealing with the CSA now the CMS and the First-tier Tribunal. Durham Legal Services are recognised as the country's leading experts in 50/50 day to day care cases along with Asset Variations, which is a reputation we take great pride in.

One of our main priorities is to ensure real value for money when it comes to representing clients with CMS/CSA issues. We never look for a quick fix, we always look at the bigger picture to help our clients find a long-term solution that will result in a fair and correct maintenance payment. By adopting this approach we believe we offer the most cost-effective child maintenance representation service in the country which all parents can afford.

What and who we deal with:

CMS Tribunal Representations All Child Maintenance Tribunals adopt an inquisitorial approach when trying to find the facts during a hearing.  This approach can sometimes make people feel as though the Tribunal panel are hostile towards them. This can result in not getting their side of the story over or, at worst, making a complete mess of presenting their case leading to the tribunal finding them to be an unreliable witness.  Being considered by the Tribunal Panel as an unreliable witness can have far reaching consequences resulting is a bad decision that can last the lifetime of their child maintenance case.  (please click on the link to find out more)  

Paying Parent (NRP) Over the years we have represented thousands of parents who just want to pay the correct maintenance payments based on their actual circumstances, not something made up by either the First-Tier tribunal, the Child Maintenance Service or the other parent. This is becoming an ever-increasing problem with the introduction of the CMS Financial Investigations Unit which currently has a 98% customer unsatisfactory rating from both paying and receiving parents as they continue to produce incorrect or unaffordable child maintenance assessments. (please click the link for more details) 

Receiving Parent (PWC) Like life in general there are people out there who believe they can beat the system or the rules don't apply to them and they simply refuse to pay child maintenance.  To those paying parents we would say you're wrong and you have a responsibility towards your child or children regardless of whatever you feel or believe. To those Receiving Parents who are getting the run around, again we would say we can help. The DLS team know every trick, scam or ploy this type of paying parent will use to avoid their liability and we can help you. (please click the link for more details)

CMS or CSA Arrears The biggest problem facing any parent who is either paying or receiving child maintenance is arrears. If your case has arrears it can only mean one thing: an old or current assessment that has been in place has not been paid.  There are hundreds of reasons why this may have happened and it would be wrong to assume that the paying parent has simply not paid. From our own statistics we are aware that 78% of arrears demands by the CMS are incorrect and therefore we offer a full arrears investigation service. (please click the link for more details)


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