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Welcome to Durham Legal Services UK. Experts in CSA Advice, CSA arrears and CSA appeals..

Welcome to Durham Legal Services the UK's leading independent provider of Child Maintenance and Child Benefit Advice. We have represented thousands of paying and receiving parents throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland with all manner of child maintenance problems.

The volume and variety of our child support cases make us unique among other organisations dealing with this area of law. We use our expertise to fast track cases through the child support system. This means the correct amount of maintenance or arrears is in payment at the earliest opportunity. If you have a CMS or CB problem WE CAN HELP.  

We believe legal advice about Child Maintenance and Child Benefit is so important it can only be properly given when all of the facts are known and that’s why we offer a one-to-one personal, confidential telephone advice service.

What and who we deal with:

CMS or CSA Tribunal Representation need someone to help you with your appeal?
Child Benefit Appeal and Representation CB forms the main part of any CMS Claim.
Paying Parent (NRP)
incorrect child maintenance payments?
Receiving Parent (PWC) not receiveing the correct child maintenance?
CMS or CSA Arrears either owed or have unfair arrears?
Self Employed and Company Shareholders not sure what to do?

We offer standalone telephone or face-to-face advice appointments as well as Tribunal representation and dealing with CMS or CB on your behalf. Most of the time, you’ll speak to someone on the same day. To get started with the help you need, make your appointment today.

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The simple reality is if you have a CSA problem you need professional help - it’s a false economy not to get it.  Child Support law is very complex and can have a dramatic effect on family life, especially if the problems are not dealt with properly.

Email us your story and get the right Child Support advice

For those parents who find it hard to talk about their CSA or CMS case, please feel free to use this link to email us your story. A member of our team will review your case and let you know if you do have a case against the CSA or CMS and more importantly if we can help you.

CLICK HERE to tell us your story.

Child Maintenance and Shared Care

The Child Maintenance Service recognises that 50:50 shared care is good for the children and should be acknowledged. With the right approach and evidence, any liability could be removed completely.

CLICK HERE to get advice about shared care

Do you feel your CSA Arrears are unfair?

Are your arrears due to the delay the CSA or CMS have taken in calculating your liability. Have they made an assessment and you've not been notified. If you owe arrears and you think they are unfair, along with the charges please get in touch.

CLICK HERE to get help with your arrears

Your CSA case will soon close

All CSA cases will be closed by the end of 2017. We strongly recommend you speak to one of our team if you have had problems with the CSA in the past. Once your case has been closed you will not be able to challenge any outstanding arrears.

Professional CSA Tribunal representation

We can represent you at your Tribunal wherever it is being heard. We have successfully represented clients at hundreds of child support hearings and our experience is available to you. Just send us the details of the hearing you need help with.

CLICK HERE for Tribunal representation

Keep up to date with the new Child Maintenance Service

Please feel free to take a tour around our website. If you can't find the answer to your question simply call us and we will be happy to help you. To book your appointment either email your details direct to us via our contact page or contact us on 01207 693966.

or CLICK HERE to send us a email.

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Child Maintenance Service Advice

CSA Testimonials

Without doubt I have the most awkward ex partner any man could ever have, you name it I have been accused of doing it. I meet a new partner and things went from bad to worse with my ex taking me to 3 different appeals.

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Why DLS?

We are confident not only about the advice we offer but the standard of that advice. Durham Legal Services has represented people with child support problems for the last twenty years. We know we can help you if you have a real CSA problem.

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Make a call today

Our years of experience in child support legislation are available to you. Read More Book your call with a member of our legal team and we can explain what your options are and give you practical help and information. All consultations are strictly confidential.

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